Unique 2023
Photo: Courtesy of The Dancing Dog Co. | Writer: Michaela Ream

Happiness in a Bag: Freeze-Dried Raw Liver Treats

By The Dancing Dog Co. | Made in Grimshaw

Happiness in a Bag by The Dancing Dog Co. is a hand-crafted, locally sourced, freeze-dried liver treat with the goal of bringing extra happiness and health to every dog. The small treat batches are made from raw protein sourced from local Albertan farmers, so each liver bite is full of all the right healthy nutrients your dog will love, like vitamins A and D, iron, healthy fatty acids and good cholesterol, all of which are meant to provide good digestion, a strong immune system and increased strength and endurance for your pup. The freeze drying process keeps all the nutritional benefits of liver and creates a light, crunchy snack. While unsealed bags have a shelf life of two to three years, owners and founders JP and Trina love to say these bags of happiness won’t last long once your dog gets that first taste.

$10.99 to $11.99