Furnishings & Home Decor 2023
Photo: Courtesy of Lumenox | Writer: Jennifer Hamilton

Lumenox Permanent LED Lighting

By Lumenox | Made in Calgary

There’s something magical about a row of houses lit up with colourful lights during the holidays. Wrangling said lights while balancing on a ladder to hang them every year is less magical. Enter permanent LED lights. Lumenox offers 50 per cent more lights than its competitors, and its permanent lights are virtually invisible in the daylight thanks to the custom installation process. Homeowners control the lights with an app that has various pre-set themes to celebrate not just Christmas but also Halloween, Hanukkah or even the Calgary Flames. They can even get creative and create their own colours, scenes and effects. Besides being festive, the smart, energy-efficient lighting also provides enhanced security.

$24 per foot