Unique 2023
Photo: Courtesy of Sunny Boy Foods | Writer: Michaela Ream


By Sunny Boy Foods | Made in Camrose

Launched with a mission to empower people in achieving optimum health and happiness, NutraStat by Sunny Boy Foods offers an easy to use, everyday fibre supplement made with just one ingredient: barley. Each scoop of NutraStat is rich in beta-glucan, a soluble fibre that helps improve gut health, blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels with a process that involves no chemicals or enzymes in the barley. Fibre itself is an important part of a healthy and balanced diet as it helps with digestion and boosts your immune system, and on top of it all, NutraStat doesn’t include any added sweeteners or colours, either. The taste-free powder can be added to drinks or smoothies or while cooking or baking and more. One serving provides 18 per cent of the daily required amount of dietary fibre and if you need baking ideas, NutraStat offers a free cookbook with delicious recipes.