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Photo: Eymeric Widling | Writer: Jennifer Hamilton

Tesoro Folding Door System

By Lux Windows and Doors | Made in Calgary

Creating living spaces that seamlessly blend the indoors with the outdoors in places like California is easy. But, in Calgary, where the weather can be less than co-operative, not so much. The Tesoro Folding Door System, created by Lux Windows and Doors, makes it possible — and does so robustly and with panache.

Manufactured in Alberta and designed to withstand our challenging climate, this folding door system is built for year-round comfort. When closed, the doors resemble regular patio doors, providing insulation and security. But, with a simple fold and slide, they transform into a dramatic gateway that brings the outdoors in.

The Tesoro’s large glass surfaces — up to 10 feet high and 38 feet wide — allow natural light to fill a space while affording expansive outdoor views. Its state-of-the-art hardware enables even massive configurations to glide seamlessly from open to closed, ensuring a smooth transition between indoors and out.

Lux offers more than 25 possible configurations with low-maintenance exteriors, warm wood interiors and a range of glazing options, allowing homeowners to personalize the door system to suit their individual tastes and style.

The engineered wood rails provide durability and strength, while the double-weather stripping provides optimal insulation against the cold. These doors are meticulously constructed and tested to withstand the harshest elements that Canada’s climate can throw at them.

Connection to nature promotes well-being, reduces stress and enhances overall quality of life. The Tesoro Folding Door System bolsters this connection by expanding living spaces, creating versatile gathering places and inviting the beauty of the outdoors into our homes.

Take that, California!

$12,000 to $60,000

What the judges said:
“The Tesoro Folding Door System offers so much style and polish to any room. This is a world-class product that brings the outdoors in, and vice versa.” -Dayle Sheehan

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