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Photo: Jared Sych | Writer: Michaela Ream

Mt. Cribb

By Knurl | Made in Calgary

Cribbage has remained a beloved pastime for the last four centuries, found in game cupboards, cottages and Legion halls across Canada. Originally invented in England, the game quickly gained popularity among early Canadian explorers and whalers and the Inupiaq people of Alaska, who crafted cribbage boards from walrus tusks.

In July 2022, the team at Knurl brought a new twist to the old game by adding a distinctly Albertan feature: mountains.

Mt. Cribb overlays the game of cribbage onto a 3D topographic surface resembling famous mountain ranges. As players progress through the game, the little crib pegs begin “climbing.” The first to reach the peak is the winner.

Knurl co-founder Brett Sanderson says his own childhood memories of playing cribbage and spending time in the mountains informed the development of Mt. Cribb. “Cribbage has always been the go-to activity for my family. My grandmother was always keen to get a game in with all of her grandkids. Some of my fondest memories of her are playing cribbage together,” says Sanderson. “All of us here at the shop are also huge fans of the Rockies. We love any chance to escape the city and enjoy some of Alberta’s wilderness.”

The idea for Mt. Cribb initially came from a custom request for a 3D cribbage board. From there, the Knurl team grew the idea to design a board in the likeness of the Three Sisters in Canmore. The idea was a hit and there are now 16 different mountain variations. The most popular continue to be the Three Sisters and Ha Ling Peak. Requests have also come from outside Canada, with Mt. Rainier another top contender. “We’re delighted to see the culmination of our efforts and experience result in something that so many have enjoyed so much,” Sanderson says.

$175 to $200

What the judges said:
“3D plus Three Sisters equals three gold stars. This just makes you want to play crib, even if you don’t remember how. It’s also a beautiful centrepiece and a conversation-starter.” -Kelly Jubenvill

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