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Photo: Jared Sych | Writer: Colleen Seto

Sphere Jar

By Husted Ceramics | Made in Calgary

Rare is the object that can give you a sense of pleasure simply by holding it in your hands. The Sphere Jar by Husted Ceramics is one such object.

“I really enjoy precision work and the satisfaction that comes from the two halves fitting together just so,” says Kate Husted, maker of the compact ceramic jars. “It’s a fairly challenging form to make and has taken lots of practice to get the hang of, but that combination of challenge and skill means I can stay absorbed in working on a batch of them for hours. It’s a wonderful feeling.”

Made from stoneware clay from Alberta-based Plainsman Clays, the palm-sized jars are precise and restrained, giving them a remarkable versatility and timelessness.

“Their appeal comes from subtleties like the feel in your hand and the smooth closure, not from ornamentation or embellishment,” Husted says. In fact, closing the jars offers an unexpectedly pleasing clink. As each jar’s halves were originally a single piece, they fit together ultra-smoothly.

Available in five earthy tones, the unassuming jars can hold tiny objects, but what and where is up to you. “They don’t have a single obvious use or place in the way a mug does. Instead, they could fit into almost any room and store whatever little miscellaneous objects a person happens to collect or use there,” Husted says.

The glazes used to finish the jars — which vary from very glossy to a more mottled satin finish with warm flecks — invite people to touch and examine them, furthering the tactile experience.

All in all, the Husted Sphere Jar is proof-positive that small, simple and functional things can offer much to appreciate, and even treasure.


What the judges said:
“The design is fantastic, perfectly fitting with the lid and evenly balanced. The colour choices are bright, yet earthy, and the fact that [Husted] uses natural dyeing methods enhances the luxury of each piece.” -Nichole Windblad

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